Мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили (с)
Re-close the eyes, restore the soul
rebuild the bridge, re-dig the hole
There’re so many things that I’ve done
& I’d like to work them & redone
Refuse to eat, refuse to sleep
I’m in a dream, it is so deep
Rewind my life, re-breath the air
Re-blue the sky, re-dawn the day

& there are so many things
& I’d like to rewind
That day of light
When everything seemed so good & right
Reback the scenes
Re-seen the views
Restore my world with some old news
For the good thing

Re-fall the rain, re-break the glass
You kept than telling it was for last
Remake the job, relive the life
It’s what I want but never tried
Remove the shields, re-fake the truth
You were in love with someone new
re-back that hurt & that pain
My time’s up, I’ve been betrayed

Re-bawl the scream, re-break the rules
I was in love, oh such a fool
Maybe someday you’ll get it right
There are some things you can’t rewind

For the good thing.

(с) 2004

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Мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили (с)
As I face darkness, as my last tear would be dried
As all my endeavours turned into nothing
Broken on the ground I cried.
As I live through every moment, as you glide into the night...
No more words, but for "I'm sorry. Will I ever e forgiven?
Will we ever give up this fight?"

[from "As I face Darkness", 23/08/04]

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Мы в ответе за тех, кого приручили (с)
You cried this night - I kissed your temple,
You were grounded - I raised your mood.
Don't turn away and be unthankful,
You know I treat you like I should.

Beyond my spirit you are nothing,
I raised your world from tiny ash.
You keep the silence, always rushing
To run away, not be possessed.

Bow to me, kneel before me,
I used to kill your demons, I am strong.
Bow to me, keep your promise
To walk hand-in-hand into the dawn.

I am the place where grief gets melted,
Where the strongest winds refuse to blow.
You still feel there always hatred,
But can't refuse me or ignore.

Now who's addicted? Me or you are?
Both us are coming back into this dwelling.
We sit and stare and sometimes look,
But the ice is just not melting.

I bow to you, I vow to you.
I am so dead and lost without you.
So bow for me, as I bow for you,
My soul is locked all around you.

I bow to you, I do love you,
But you will never bow before me.
There's no forgiving, can I hate you?
Can I both be loved and lonely?


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